KM5503 三輪腳踏車 (細) Weplay Trike (S)



專為孩子發展需求設計的三輪車,以柔美、圓弧的「敦煌飛天仙女」造型創造不同的車體美感;通過歐洲TUV的檢驗標準,台灣製造,堅固耐用;輪子採無縫式密實設計,避免孩子腳板滑入,輪子寬大、免打氣,是孩子學習三輪車的最佳選擇。踩踏間能促進孩子的動作發展能力及平衡感,並建立孩子空間方位概念。 - 品牌 : Weplay (台灣品牌) - 材質 : PP, 塑膠, 尼龍, 鐵 - 呎吋 : 57.5 x 70 x 56 (cm) - 承重量 : 40 kg - 適合年齡 : 3 - 4 歲 - 通過安全測試 : 安全 / 無毒 / 無污染 - 產品特性 : 耐用 / 不易變形 - 適用於 : 會所 / 幼兒園 / PLAYGROUP **詳情請致電 21360258 或電郵至 [email protected] 查詢** Weplay Trike (S) Young children will be able to enhance their sense of balance, coordination and motor skills through riding the trike. Code:KM5503 Brand:Weplay Measurement: 57.5 x 70 x 56 (cm) Suitable age:3~4 years old Max. Load:40 kg Weight:8 kg Materials include: PP, TPE, Nylon, Iron Country of origin: Taiwan 【Weplay Trikes】 It is firm、steady and durable.It is made by firm iron tube. The design of wheel is seamless and closely knit. You don't need reinflat it because of the spacious wheel. Whole trikes body is made by iron, and it won't fade or rust. The handle and wheel are made by TPE, non-toxic and recycle. It is not only suitable for the kindergarten with high used frequency, but also suitable for the family kids. ★Durable: Withstand frequent uses. (ie. school) ★Stable: Durable material with great resistance to weather damages. ★Steady: Heavier than regular trikes, great for turning steadily.

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