SP1312 - 探險家-1 Softplay Activity Set



- 品牌 : Kit for Kids (歐洲進口英國品牌) - 件數 : 每套共15件 - 材質 : PVC / 高密海棉 - 收納後呎吋 : 100 x 75 x 90 (cm) - 包裝 : 收納袋 - 通過歐盟測試 : 安全 / 無毒 / 無污染 - 產品特性 : 耐用 / 不易變形 - 適用於 : 會所 / 幼兒園 / PLAYGROUP **詳情請致電 21360258 或電郵至 [email protected] 查詢** Softplay Activity Set 4 A giant set of 15 large climb-on pieces allowing pupils to construct obstacle courses with climb over, under, through shapes and build up/knock down blocks, for a fun play time. Brightly coloured, versatile assortments of soft play shapes. Ideal for group creative learning activities, building structures for role play and for constructing a variety of obstacle courses for physical play. Starter guide gives details and ideas on different constructions. FREE HOLDALLS with all sets making these excellent value for money, portable and easy to store away. Made to exacting quality standard and finished in a soft touch durable vinyl, meeting all relevant safety and fire standards. Code: SP1312 Holdall Size W x D x Overall H : 750 x 900 x 1000mm