WD0006-T - 海洋探索 - 2 (不包安裝) Under the Sea™ Wall Display Wide (no installation)



- 品牌 : Kit for Kids (歐洲進口英國品牌) - 材質 : PVC / 高密海棉 - 呎吋 : 200 x 150 (cm) - 通過歐盟測試 : 安全 / 無毒 / 無污染 - 產品特性 : 耐用 / 不易變形 - 適用於 : 會所 / 幼兒園 / PLAYGROUP **此款不包安裝** **詳情請致電 21360258 或電郵至 [email protected] 查詢** Under the Sea™ Wall Display Wide Highly visual themed interactive wall display hangings to brighten up any nursery or school environment. Includes free soft toy pack of 5 toys allowing children to interact with andpersonalise their environment. Distinctive and brightly coloured classroom-relevant designs tocomplement reading areas, soft play corners and libraries. Superb quality, non crease wall displays with a stain-resistant coating. Light weight, soft texture loop nylon weave, with Velcro backed items fordisplay and interaction. Supplied with solid wood mounting brackets which fix to the wall to allowquick release/hanging of the wall displays. Available in two width sizes with continuous designs for joining and largerwall area coverage. Additional toy packs (with Velcro back for use with the Interactive WallDisplay only) also available. Please note toy content and detail may vary. Meets relevant safety standards Size : (L)2000.00 mm X (W)1500.00 mm x( H)0.00 mm Weight : 8.00 kg